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Circuit makes teamwork much better, it's all that your work teams need to communicate with a single application. Voice, video, screen sharing, chat, file sharing and now also telephony.

Why collaboration in companies is better with Circuit?

  A tool with one view
Circuit is a single application. A virtual meeting place with all the necessary functions to communicate with your work teams
  Social collaboration
Create online communities and promote sharing, cooperating, interacting, exchanging opinions and ideas in your company, with your employees, customers, suppliers, partners ...
  Natural experience for the user
Use voice, video or chat. The simplicity of Circuit will allow you to collaborate in a natural way, whether you are near or far from your team
  Use any device
Enjoy the same experience from any device. Access your conversations, communities and documents from any web browser, iPhone, iPad or Android

Circuit, the best way to work

  Calls on Circuit
Meetings in person are a luxury today. Circuit's HD voice and video quality make meetings just as natural
  Share with Circuit
Access to everybody from the same page. Share a document or demonstrate using its simple screen sharing tool
  Move a call
It is not a problem if you must move from your fixed place of work. Move your calls from your PC to your phone without loosing a second of your conversation
  Labeling in Circuit
The way in which we organize the contents is very personal and different in all cases. Circuit will allow you to quickly access your most important information thanks to its powerful and simple labeling system
  Extend Circuit
Circuit can be easily customized through extensions and a wide range of APIs that do not stop growing

  Why do people want Circuit?
Circuit is your digital work space in the cloud. A single application that will offer you a new level of communications and collaboration in your company

The Circuit environment

Mobile circuit Mobility is fundamental
You only need an Internet connection and a web browser or your iOS or Android device. A way to connect faster and easier, and to collaborate and share information while on the move. Download the application for free at the following links:

Download in App-Store

No limits With Cirtuit you will be able to:
  • Make and receive phone calls from your switchboard/PBX from the application
  • Access your personal contact list or corporate contact list
  • Share documents stored in Box, Google Drive, One Drive, ...
  • Link meetings and Outlook emails to conversations in Circuit
You can also create your own "Plug & Play" extensions. The Circuit APIs are available to all software developers and system integrators for free
Circuit is really secure Unify takes the confidentiality, security, integrity and availability of its data very seriously, so much so that it has developed a security environment in the management of its systems that complies with the ISO27001 standard, therefore, all its conversations with other users of Circuit are encrypted and secure. Multiple layers of security protect access to Circuit
What is WebRTC in Circuit?
WebRTC has the potential to turn any device that has a web browser into a sophisticated communications device.
Circuit uses WebRTC technology to provide you with a great high-quality HD video experience, sharing your screen and voice from your web browser. This system reduces the security risks when using your personal devices thanks to the web encryption tunnel and the TLS (Transport Layer Security) security that will offer you a totally secure communication environment

Ready to try Circuit?

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