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HiPath Cordless IP
is the IP-DECT solution for UNIFY IP platforms

The radio technology used by the HiPath Cordless IP complies with the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standards. The HiPath Cordless IP also offers the DECT standards for Voice over IP infrastructures.

Flexibility in the number of users, users density, radio coverage, extensibility and the provision of comfort features together with the current IP-DECT telephones, characterize the architecture of the HiPath Cordless system. The connection to the voice-IP insfrastructure of the communication server is made using the SIP communications protocol. All of this means that the DECT radio cells are a perfect way to supplement the SIP / Voice-IP systems , as a mobility solution.

Key Features


All the management of the radio range is done through IP-DECT base stations, which together form a single network of radio cells that can operate between them synchronously or as individual stations. The size of a radio cell will depend on the conditions of the place where it will be installed.

IP-DECT base stations support the continuous transfer of existing voice connections (DECT Roaming).

How it works...

Estructura funcionamiento Unify Cordless DECT IP

HiPath Cordless IP solutions are made up of the following components:

  • Telephones: DECT wireless phones with PN-CAP functions.
  • Base Stations: HiPath IP-DECT Base Stations with PN-CAP/ GAP function for supported DECT phones, and IP interface with ethernet connection.
  • The HiPath Cordless IP software that is used to:
              - Control all IP-DECT base stations
              - Implement the SIP/RTP interfaces in the direction of the Communications Server
              - Perform central administration and complete configuration of the HiPath Cordless IP solution
              - In large structures, the HiPath Cordless IP software can be divided into a management server and/or multiple media servers

The HiPath Cordless IP software can be activated on a IP-DECT base station; that base station will also allow calls to be made. This software can be changed to a dedicated standard server or to be distributed on several servers to perform larger configurations.

The entire radio range managed by the system can be composed of several IP-DECT base stations, which all of them forms a network of radio cells without fissures, synchronized, superposed or forming individual radio signal islands. The size of a radio cell will depend on the conditions of the place where it will be installed.

IP-DECT base stations support the ongoing handover of the voice connections in progress, i.e. the change between a radio cell and a DECT telephone during the call. In addition, the roaming function is also available; any DECT telephone will be available while it is connected to any base station of the network.