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Scalable solution for any business size

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Powerful and reliable communications platform. It combines all the functions of traditional telephony with the most innovative Unified Communications solutions in a single device. OpenScape Business X8 is a flexible and scalable solution with the possibility of combining with a wide range of applications and features that allow you to fully adapt to the needs of each company , regardless of their size, quantity and location of their users.

A complete solution for large environments that offers multiple possibilities for expansion and updating. An all-in-one voice and unified communications solution for up to 500 users that is fully customized for your company and compatible with any type of telephone infrastructure, wether IP, traditional analogue lines, digital lines (ISDN) or IP.

Allows the possibility to install it in a stand place or inside a rack.

It is the ideal communications solution for large companies, which offers advanced features such as:
          ··· Flexibility in the choice of terminals and technology (TDM, IP, DECT and WLAN)
          ··· Formation of TDM, IP or hybrid telephone networks
          ··· Secure communications through VPN/IPSec
          ··· SIP support for connection to SIP operators and phones
          ··· Mobility solutions
          ··· Simple management and configuration through web interface
          ··· Advanced professional services for large companies

Mobility functions are integrated thanks to the "MyPortal To Go"* application, available for Android and Apple iOS. Using this application it is possible to use a mobile device as your desk phone anywhere.

It also has the "One Number Service" features, which will allow you to use a single telephone number to locate you, both on your desktop phone and on your mobile device; vision of presence status of extensions , list of favorites, voicemail, all of this makes teamwork and collaboration between colleagues much easier in any type of company.

OpenScape Business X5W Wall M.
X5R Rack X8
Connection to service providers
ITSP Channels (SIP provider)            
60 60 60
ISDN S0 (BRI) 52 52 128
30 channels S2M primary (PRI) 30 30 180
Max. Nr. channels / line 250 250 250
Analog Extensions 68 52 384
Digital Extensions 56 56 384
IP Extensions 500 500 500
DECT wireless Extensions 32/64 32 250
Max. Nr. Total Extensions 500 500 500
Other features
Size (mm.)
 450 x 460 x 200 
 155 x 440 x 380 (3,5U) 
 490 x 440 x 430 
Weight 8 Kg. 8 Kg. 34 Kg.

* To be able to use the mobility application "MyPortal To Go" and other advanced options of the PBX system, it is necessary to acquire specific licenses.