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Scalable solution in server up to 1.500 users

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OpenScape Business S is a telephone and Unified Communications (UC) platform, a server based "all-in-one" solution with capacity for up to 1500 IP users / extensions, and also IP connection to the public network (WAN). This platform is developed on a Linux platform (Novell SLES) and can be managed on a physical server or on a virtual server using VMware vSphere.

OpenScape Business S can be networked with other OpenScape Business Systems X1, X3, X5 or X8 and use them as gateways with analog or digital (ISDN) telephone lines, and also with analog and digital (TDM) desk phones.

This is a software based solution and it will be necessary to install it in an existing server or to acquire a new brand server.

Easy management thanks to its web interface (using web browser) that gives full control of the system to any IT department or manager.

Following there are some examples with possible scenarios in which the OpenScape Business S solution would be installed:

OpenScape Business S, Scenario with 1 Gateway       OpenScape Business S, Scenario multiple gateways  
Networked with one gateway connected to analog and/or digital lines Networked with multiple gateways connected to analog and/or digital lines
OpenScape Business S, several systems networked
Network with OpenScape Business S and multiple systems (X1, X3, X5 or X8) and multiple gateways connected to analog and/or digital lines