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The entire IP phone catalog of innovaphone offers a wide variety of models depending on the needs and preferences of each user. These are the fruit of the work of the innovaphone development department and they are perfectly adapted from the point of view of usability, simplicity and automatic provisioning. All phones support the standard protocol SIP and H.323 and can work with an external power supply or directly powered by POE (Power-over-Ethernet) through the same network cable.

There is a telephone for each type of scenario and user, from a terminal with more basic features to a terminal with much more advanced functions. Software solutions such as the Software Phone or the WebRTC client represent an alternative to desk phones. The innovaphone Software Phone or Softphone is installed on a Windows PC. On the other hand, the WebRTC client is based exclusively on the operation through a web browser and is completely independent of the platform and does not need any installation on the computer or device.

Thanks to the provisioning that allows the automatic configuration of innovaphone phones, the installation process is very simple. Once registered, the phones in the network automatically connect to the innovaphone system configuration server and are ready for use.