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Necessary for the management of the time control system

ZKTime is a management software that will facilitate the use and treatment of the data of the time control and assistance systems, necessary to be able to take advantage of all the functions of the terminals. There are 3 different versions to choose according to the needs and size of your company:

ZKTime Enterprise

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It is the most complete version of ZKTime. In addition to managing the time and presence control, it also allows the complete management of access control.

           General features of the Enterprise version:

            · Stores photo and information of employees' fingerprints. (does not save image of the fingerprint)
            · Employees can consult their data through the web, adding the "Atalaya2" module to the program (it is supplied separately)
            · Import employee data from CSV files
            · Possibility of configuring day, night, rotating and flexible schedules. Cost control according to the different schedules
            · Mandatory presence times, incidences validity time and support for schedules of more than 24 hours
            · Configuration of public and personalized calendars for each employee, allows to add time variations or specific incidents
            · Allows the transfer of data from the terminal to the ZKTime software via USB memory
            · Simpler and faster report generation system, totally customizable with the possibility of adding additional calculation formulas
            · Control of incidents of entries and exits, possibility of choosing if they should be counted or not
            · Allows you to define costs by number of hours or shift type; you can set several types of hours to calculate their cost (normal hours, extra, holidays ...)
            · Integrated backup system with the possibility of automatic programming
            · Improves the automation of control, making this task much easier for those responsible for the HR department.
            · Alarm or siren touches can be configured
            · Multiple languages available