Soluciones de conectividad Micgrup Telecomunicacions

For a proper service of communications and computer network of any company, it is essential to have a cable and connectivity structure well designed and reliable.

Over time, the new technologies in computing, telecommunications, connectivity infrastructures, etc. increasingly require a greater flow data volume through our networks. A former cabling network can cause serious problems in our daily work, such as slow speed data transfers, slow performance in software on network, connection failures, hanged equipments...

We should note that old cabling structures may be limiting the transfer rate of our data to 10 or 100 Mbps; today, the optical fiber connections are giving speeds up to 1000 Mbps, so 10 or 100 times faster than our network can support, that's why it's so vital and important.

In Micgrup Telecomunicacions, we have all tools and qualified personnel needed to advise and help you to upgrade and improve your data cabling structures.

We can advise and give support with:

   ··· Installation, upgrade, maintenance, transportation and repair of PBX/switchboards

   ··· Maintenance, installation and certification of structured cable networks

     ··· Installation and fusion with optical fiber

  ··· Technology solutions for WiFi, WiMax and dectIP

    ··· Installing and moving of rack cabinets

   ··· Remodeling operators structure lines, landlines and mobile lines, DSL, Optical Fiber, etc.; costs savings

     ··· Internet connectivity solutions in places with signal problems, where there is poor DSL or fiber connection