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System Virtualization is the simulation of other hardware or software systems, which become "virtual machines" that work transparently and indepently within a single physical platform, a computer or server.

A virtual machine is like a "container" with an encapsulated operating system and software capable of running those systems and applications as if they were installed on another PC or physical server, and that behaves in the same way. These virtual machines contains their own CPU, memory, hard disk and network card, all virtual.

System virtualization solutions improve the agility, flexibility and scalability of computer equipment and Servers, while allowing to enjoy significant savings in equipment, maintenance and energy costs. Workloads are implemented faster, improve performance and availability and operations are automated. This also means facilitating and simplifying IT infrastructure management tasks.

Microsoft Hyper-V is a familiar platform, Microsoft Windows based, that supposes a saving when it is being integrated in Windows Server and System Center systems. It offers seamless physical / virtual administration through hypervisors and also its tools are compatible with each other.

Contact us, our team will advise you how to improve the performance of your computers and servers, and optimize its management and maintenance thanks to the virtualization technology given by Microsoft Hyper-V.

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