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Soluciones firewall Watchguard         

Vulnerabilities to attacks by hackers are one of the most dangerous problems that Businesses strategies and company data can have.

A firewall is a security device for the network of your company, which verifies and controls both incoming and outgoing network traffic and is the one that decides whether to let or block a specific traffic of data, in accordance with the security rules that have been defined. A firewall acts as a control barrier between internal trusted networks and external not trusted networks.

When purchasing a Firewall, it is very important to know very well how to choose the right solution for your network or platform. Our team will be able to advise you and propose a solution fully adapted to your needs and using equipments from leading manufacturers in this sector.

  • Network Traffic and website access Control
  • Prevention of network intrusions
  • Limit the use of some applications or programs
  • Spam Blocking
  • High Availability Systems (HA)