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New Unify OpenScape Desk Phone terminals CP100 and CP600E

Unify expands its range of OpenScape Desk Phone CP terminals with these 2 new models


These new models of Unify terminals extend the range of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP series.

The new model Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP100 is a terminal with basic and low-cost features, perfect and ideal for small offices or workplaces that do not require great performance in their communications, without renouncing the quality of sound and its operation. It is also an ideal terminal to install massively in large facilities, since it reduces the costs of the installation. See more information and details about this model by clicking on the following image:

Unify OpenScape CP100

The other new model is the Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP600E , the little brother of the CP600. It is a high-end terminal and great features too, but cheaper than the model CP600 because it has TFT screen in gray scale instead of color, it has no support for connecting devices via Bluetooth and can connect a maximum of 2 key panels (Key Module), instead of 4. With this new model, Unify offers more possibilities within its high range of phones of the CP series. See more information and details of this model by clicking on the following image:

Unify OpenScape CP600E

All these models are available from December 2018 both in the HFA versions (exclusive for use with Unify-Siemens systems), and in the SIP versions (universal for use with IP telephony).