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Improvements in the security and stability of our services of virtual switchboard and Cloud of Unify


As of the first quarter of 2019, Unify plans to begin the migration of its virtual communications platform and Unify Cloud Services to a more robust architecture with redundant data centers, which increases the resistance of the services, offers a maintenance almost without interruptions and encrypting the transfers of your data and the storage of your databases, thanks to the strategic alliance between the holding Atos and Google. All this will offer a higher level of security and resistance using the Google Cloud platform.

As part of this service, customers in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) will stay hosted only in data centers in the EU, while customers in the US. The United States, Canada and Mexico will remain hosted in data centers in the United States alone. Customers from other countries will remain hosted in the EU or the US. UU., Respectively, as they are today.

Circuit's design and Unify's business agreements with Google mean that Google's staff will not have access to any data on customer's cloud services, including personal data of users. Unify will not disclose the identity of its customers to Google and customer data will not be shared with any other Google Service or Google Algorithm, unless its integration in the cloud is explicitly invoked by the customer.

Many leading organizations, such as HSBC and PayPal, use Google's cloud services and at Micgrup Telecomunicacions and Unify we are delighted to be able to improve the offer of virtual communications services and Unify Cloud with this world-class platform. We want our customers to make the most of these improvements and to make use of our services with total confidence. The constant evolution of its operation, security and updates of our services is what makes the difference compared to other communication platforms.